Meet Rajneeta Basantkumar and say hello to (Micro)bios – your chance to share your story

So we’re trying something new and we need your help!

There are so many women in STEM fields doing fascinating things, it would take us forever to interview everyone. So that’s where you come in.

Introducing: (Micro)bios!

We want you to send us 2 minute long audio recordings talking about who you are, why you are in STEM and what gets you excited every morning.

It’s easier than it sounds – we even have some handy tips and sample questions. Click here to find out how..

We started this project when we were at the IEEE Women in Engineering Conference so take a listen to some of the impressive women we were brushing elbows with.

First up, get to know Rajneeta Basantkumar, engineer at Northrop Grumman.

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