Episode 39: Game of Drones

Aviation fans, rejoice! In today’s episode, we enter Mumu’s wheelhouse (propeller-house?) with a chat with The Drone Girl, Sally French. Actually, it’s Lindsay’s wheelhouse too. Sally is a journalist, blogger and all-around drone fanatic. We dig in to the latest FAA rules for pilots and flying, how drone tech has changed over the years and […]

Episode 37: On the (Spaceborne) Radar

radar screen image

Dearest friends, we’re back with another episode! (Did you miss us?) With all the crazy weather going on these days, we thought we’d talk to someone who knows all about the atmosphere. Radar systems engineer Felisha Lawrence joins us for a chat about her job (well… what she’s allowed to say) at Northrop Grumman. We […]

Episode 27: Watch this (Satellite) Space

Salutations! It’s time to celebrate another fantastic lady in STEM with our latest episode. Today’s guest is Dr. Victoria Richmond, a mechanical and aerospace engineer at the Harris Corporation. We chat satellites, antennas and …. pantyhose. It’s not as weird as you think. We promise.

Episode 20: The Bare (Market) Necessities

Here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane… Literally. (Almost) Our newest episode features Jackie Stenson, CEO of Essmart, a distribution company in India that connects local shops with a catalogue of quality, affordable, essential products. Essmart is the brainchild of Jackie and co-founder Diana Jue. Listen in as she explains what led her to make […]

Episode 17: The Island of (Engineering) Toys

In need of the perfect gift for your favorite budding engineer? Look no further than Roominate, a toy construction kit with electrical components aimed at girls ages 6-10. What’s all the fuss about? Check out this review from our most favorite Space Gal Emily Calandrelli, or this review from Fortune, or this update from Shark Tank. And […]

Episode 16: The Innovation Game

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may we present to you Exhibit A: a brand new podcast. We’ve got a fun one for all you budding entrepreneurs. Alice Ly, Assistant Director for Health and Sciences at the Harvard Innovation Lab (Go Crimson!), joins us for a great discussion on start-ups and innovative ideas. And if […]

Episode 15: The Green (Alphabet) Energy Revolution

Let there be light! ‘Scopers, we’ve got another fun show for y’all. Today’s guest is Dr. Lindsay Miller, Director of Materials Integration at Alphabet Energy. Hop on the renewable energy bandwagon as discuss the latest in thermoelectrics, working at an engineering startup, and Lindsay’s future career writing children’s books. (Move over Mousetronaut, you’ve got competition!)

Episode 11: Fly Me to the Moon (and Beyond)

Good morning, Scopers! Hope you’re ready for today’s brand new episode. We’re back for another round of space discussions, this time with Adrianne Stroup, a power systems engineer at SpaceX. We talk about the creative genius that is Elon Musk, and the importance of hot sauce and waffles to the future of space flight. Go forth […]

Episode 10: For Love of the (Data) Game

Hello, world. My fellow ‘Scopers, get excited! It’s new episode Tuesday and we’ve got Morgana Carter, a senior information analyst at the American Speech Language Hearing Association. Morgana’s worked quite a bit in politics and data, so listen as we geek out over campaign modeling, health care, and code development. aaaand…. go!

The Amazon Jungle: Drones and the FAA

Last summer Amazon made headlines with Prime Air, their prototype for a 30-minute delivery system using unmanned aerial vehicles. You can check out their concept video below. Just yesterday, the FAA granted Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate to begin research and development of their delivery systems. So we’ll have drone delivery next week, right? Uhh … […]