Want to record a (micro)bio for us?

It’s easy. Here are some simple recording steps to get you started

Step 1: Plug in headphones

Step 2: Record your audio (instructions below)

(You’ll need a free app)

Step 3: Send us your file!


Not sure what to say? Here are sample questions for you to use but don’t be afraid to go off script!

Hi, my name is _____________ and I am a _____________ at ______________.

I am a/work in the field of _________, and my work/research is on ______________.

Answer one or all of the following or tell us your favorite story:

I got in to this field because _______________.

My favorite thing about my job/field of study is _________________.

What I’d wish I’d known when I was starting my career is _______________.

The thing topic that gets me excited is ____________ because ____________.

The biggest misconception about my job is ______________.