The ongoing fight against #Ebola

What we’ve learned from the most recent Ebola outbreak The most recent reports from the CDC estimate over 10,000 deaths as a result of the current Ebola outbreak. That number of deaths is more than 6 times the deaths from all previous ebolavirus outbreaks combined since its discovery in 1976. At a recent Harvard Medical School seminar a doctor from Sierra Leone shared […]

Episode 5: The (Nano) Arms Race

Herpes! Got your attention? Good. Welcome to Episode 5: The (Nano) Arms Race. Nicole Broekema, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, joins us to talk about her work on viruses. We’ve got jokes, Ender’s Game references, and philosophy all mingled in with some kick ass science. Click play. You won’t regret it.  

Miss us? Here’s an outtake to help you wait for the next episode

Hi folks! Miss hearing the sweet, dulcet tones of your favorite podcast hosts? Have no fear. We’ll be back next week with a brand new episode featuring Nicole Broekema, a real-life virus expert. She may or may not have told a herpes joke. (She definitely did.) #viralhumor In the meantime, make sure you’re all caught […]

Picture of the Day: The Beauty of Bacteria

Here’s a little Sunday post to liven up your morning. Biological physicist Eshel Ben-Jacob uses his petri-dish bacteria as the basis for some beautiful artwork. Leonardo da Vinci would be proud.

Can boys be surgeons, too?

My daughters were three and five-years-old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 at the age of the 32. For me, one of the scariest parts of my diagnosis with breast cancer was the challenge of keeping life as normal as possible for those little girls. How would I explain things so that […]

Episode 4: The (Medical) Giving Tree

Molly Lindquist

  Once there was a tree… and she loved a boy, very, very much — even more than she loved herself.” — Shel Silverstein Today’s podcast features Molly Lindquist, a mom, breast cancer survivor, and founder of Consano, a non-profit crowdfunding platform for medical research. Listen as she shares her inspiring story. Then go to and donate to a research […]

#IAmAScientistBecause: Sagan and the Pale Blue Dot

The hashtag #IAmAScientistBecause has been trending on Twitter today, and it’s making me reflect on why I became a scientist. (Well, engineer… but let’s gloss over that distinction.) Carl Sagan sums it up perfectly. If you’ve never read or heard Sagan on “The Pale Blue Dot,” check out the YouTube link, or read an excerpt below. […]

Picture of the Day: LA Photoshoot

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago Lindsay and I were in downtown LA for a photoshoot. Big thanks to friend, photographer, and mad genius Frank Martinez for capturing our inner Hollywood diva. Next Tuesday we’ll be back with a brand new podcast on medical kickstarters. In the meantime, here’s a little outtake to tide you over. Happy Tuesday. Keep […]

Episode 3: The (Data) Campaign Trail

It’s Tuesday, and we’re back with a brand new episode! Our guest is Kassia Devorsey, a data and analytics consultant. Kass has previously worked for the Democratic National Committee as well as President Obama’s re-election campaign. Listen to us chat about modeling, big data in politics, and scary MIT robots.  

Divine Secrets of the (Science) Sisterhood: Women STEM pioneers

Today’s Google Doodle honors Emmy Noether, a mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics.   Lindsay and I started this blog/podcast because we wanted to showcase the work of women in STEM (whatever fields that definition may or may not encompass). As we’re interviewing our wonderful and brilliant guests, […]