Picture of the Day: LA Photoshoot

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago Lindsay and I were in downtown LA for a photoshoot. Big thanks to friend, photographer, and mad genius Frank Martinez for capturing our inner Hollywood diva. Next Tuesday we’ll be back with a brand new podcast on medical kickstarters. In the meantime, here’s a little outtake to tide you over. Happy Tuesday. Keep […]

Episode 3: The (Data) Campaign Trail

It’s Tuesday, and we’re back with a brand new episode! Our guest is Kassia Devorsey, a data and analytics consultant. Kass has previously worked for the Democratic National Committee as well as President Obama’s re-election campaign. Listen to us chat about modeling, big data in politics, and scary MIT robots.  

Divine Secrets of the (Science) Sisterhood: Women STEM pioneers

Today’s Google Doodle honors Emmy Noether, a mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics.   Lindsay and I started this blog/podcast because we wanted to showcase the work of women in STEM (whatever fields that definition may or may not encompass). As we’re interviewing our wonderful and brilliant guests, […]

What does STEM really mean, anyway?

What does STEM really mean, anyway? Mumu and I keep trying to answer this question as we talk to more women and record more episodes. Directly translated, STEM is just an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but it has so much weight in social conversations now and those four words leave out so […]

The Amazon Jungle: Drones and the FAA

Last summer Amazon made headlines with Prime Air, their prototype for a 30-minute delivery system using unmanned aerial vehicles. You can check out their concept video below. Just yesterday, the FAA granted Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate to begin research and development of their delivery systems. So we’ll have drone delivery next week, right? Uhh … […]

Launch Day Nerves

You don’t know how stressful launch days are until you live through one … or in my case, three.  Hundreds of us met before dawn on a golf course near Vandenberg Air Force Base and waited with anticipation as our satellite, SMAP, sat on the launch pad.  We were nervous and excited and hopeful. But […]

Episode 2: A (2020) Space Odyssey

Happy Tuesday, Scopers! We’re very excited to finally share episode two, A (2020) Space Odyssey. Today’s guest is Elizabeth Cordoba, an aerospace engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She joins us for a discussion on the Mars2020 mission, satellite launches, and Matt Damon. Give it a listen, and let us know what you think.

We were just talking about that … hotel robots

I don’t know how many times I have seen a news headline or a story and said: “I was just talking about that idea!” Well, here we go again. As you might have guessed, we record our podcast episodes a few weeks in advance and in one of our future episodes we go off tangent … […]

#NoCeilings: International Women’s Day

My mother once told me that she refused to get a sonogram when she was pregnant with me. This was back in China in the mid-1980s, only a few years after the one-child policy had been implemented. She said that if friends and family knew I was a girl, they might try to convince her to get […]

A project six years in the making

A lot of my conversations with Lindsay involve me complaining. Either about the weather, or the spotty wifi in my office, or how I’m convinced Lifehacker is reading my mind. (I search for something and 24 hours later a post appears on their website on that exact topic. You try explaining that!) Anyway, my latest […]