A tale of two conferences

Hey folks. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but thought I’d take a minute to share what life has been like in academia-land. Two weeks ago I lost my voice. Literally. Everyone always expects a great story that goes with losing your voice. Was it from screaming at a rock concert? Yelling at a sports […]

The Smart Girls science video missed the mark. Here’s why.

It’s been one week since Smart Girls at the Party released their science video series starring comedian Megan Amram, and I’ve been trying to figure out why I felt so appalled by it. You can watch the episode below: David Kroll from Forbes quoted my initial reaction to the piece: For a site that’s empowering girls […]

A visit to Mumu’s lab at the University of Maryland

This past weekend I had the pleasure of sleeping on Mumu’s couch and eating her food while in town to go to a friend’s wedding. Besides the obligatory podcast planning and conspiring, I got to follow Mumu to her office and lab and see what she really does on a daily basis (besides messaging with […]