Episode 39: Game of Drones

Aviation fans, rejoice! In today’s episode, we enter Mumu’s wheelhouse (propeller-house?) with a chat with The Drone Girl, Sally French. Actually, it’s Lindsay’s wheelhouse too. Sally is a journalist, blogger and all-around drone fanatic. We dig in to the latest FAA rules for pilots and flying, how drone tech has changed over the years and […]

The Amazon Jungle: Drones and the FAA

Last summer Amazon made headlines with Prime Air, their prototype for a 30-minute delivery system using unmanned aerial vehicles. You can check out their concept video below. Just yesterday, the FAA granted Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate to begin research and development of their delivery systems. So we’ll have drone delivery next week, right? Uhh … […]

Episode 1: The Big (Bang) Introduction

DJI Phantom

For our very first podcast, Lindsay and I sit down to discuss drones and the future of unmanned systems. Door-to-door burrito delivery, please! Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments. P.S. The pictured aircraft is of a DJI Phantom. Pretty nifty, n’est-ce pas?