(Micro)bio – Meet Stephanie Sheppard

Summer doldrums got you down? Power up with a quick (micro)bio from Stephanie Sheppard, a transmission planning engineer at PECO Energy. It’s short and sweet (much like myself). We should also give a shout out to Stephanie for inviting us to present at PECO’s Engineer’s Day last month.  

On the runway: Traveling the world with a solar-powered airplane

Just a year ago, I graduated from Virginia Tech with my degree in electrical engineering and now I am in Phoenix, AZ with Solar Impulse, a 326 ft. wingspan solar-powered airplane, preparing myself to travel across the United States, Europe, and finally land in Abu Dhabi. How did this happen? Graduating college, I did not even know […]

Episode 19: Let There Be (Clean) Light

Do you know where your electricity comes from? Dr. Anna Schneider does! She’s the co-founder and CTO of WattTime, a nonprofit that enables smart devices to automatically sync the times they use power from the energy grid to moments of very clean electricity. We chat about her journey from graduate school to running an eco-friendly energy start-up. Go listen. It’s […]

Episode 15: The Green (Alphabet) Energy Revolution

Let there be light! ‘Scopers, we’ve got another fun show for y’all. Today’s guest is Dr. Lindsay Miller, Director of Materials Integration at Alphabet Energy. Hop on the renewable energy bandwagon as discuss the latest in thermoelectrics, working at an engineering startup, and Lindsay’s future career writing children’s books. (Move over Mousetronaut, you’ve got competition!)