Women in STEM representation on late night television (or lack thereof)

If I gave you 30 seconds to name five famous (living) scientists, who would be on the list? Most likely, there’d be Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Who else? Stephen Hawking? Brian Greene? This isn’t a new problem. We started this podcast because of the lack of female STEM representation in the media. However, data nerd […]

When it comes to STEM, how are we training our sons?

We talk a lot about how to encourage young women to join and stay in STEM. Many amazing organizations, like Girls Who Code and the National Girls Collaborative Project, promote and develop women as scientists and engineers. But one thing we often overlook is how we’re teaching young men to act. Feminism (and STEMinism) isn’t a woman’s issue […]

Episode 17: The Island of (Engineering) Toys

In need of the perfect gift for your favorite budding engineer? Look no further than Roominate, a toy construction kit with electrical components aimed at girls ages 6-10. What’s all the fuss about? Check out this review from our most favorite Space Gal Emily Calandrelli, or this review from Fortune, or this update from Shark Tank. And […]