The CRISPR gene revolution, all the cool kids are doing it

CRISPR: It’s all the rage. It’s time to pack up your pog collection and Lisa Frank organizational system. If you want to be cool right now and you happen to be molecular biologist, you should probably be ‘CRISPRing’ something. What is CRISPR? Isn’t that the drawer in my refrigerator where vegetables go to die? Is it even a […]

Episode 8: The CSI Effect

Who’s your daddy? We’ve got the perfect guest to answer that question. Scientifically, of course. Today’s interview is with Kristy Lenz, a forensic research scientist who develops genetic identity products for Promega. We cover a lot of great topics in this episode, including Maury Povich, Minority Report, and the horrors of hotel bedsheets. Give it […]