Episode 16: The Innovation Game

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may we present to you Exhibit A: a brand new podcast. We’ve got a fun one for all you budding entrepreneurs. Alice Ly, Assistant Director for Health and Sciences at the Harvard Innovation Lab (Go Crimson!), joins us for a great discussion on start-ups and innovative ideas. And if […]

The CRISPR gene revolution, all the cool kids are doing it

CRISPR: It’s all the rage. It’s time to pack up your pog collection and Lisa Frank organizational system. If you want to be cool right now and you happen to be molecular biologist, you should probably be ‘CRISPRing’ something. What is CRISPR? Isn’t that the drawer in my refrigerator where vegetables go to die? Is it even a […]

A visit to Mumu’s lab at the University of Maryland

This past weekend I had the pleasure of sleeping on Mumu’s couch and eating her food while in town to go to a friend’s wedding. Besides the obligatory podcast planning and conspiring, I got to follow Mumu to her office and lab and see what she really does on a daily basis (besides messaging with […]