Episode 34: If I Could Talk to the (Zoo) Animals

It’s sweltering here on the east coast, and we could really gopher a lemonade. Get it? Gopher? … Animal lovers, this episode’s for you. Today’s guest is Dr. Jennifer Hausmann. Jen is an Associate Veterinarian at the Denver Zoo, and has so many fluffy, adorable stories to share. Join us for a chat about working […]

Episode 18: Be My Little Baby (Doctor)

Good morning, ‘Scopers! We’re back with a brand new eppy featuring Dr. Katherine Ottolini, a neonatology fellow at Children’s National Medical Center. Katie chats with us about joining the Air Force, life as a pediatrician, and escaped rats in the lab. Give it a listen. Doctor’s orders!

Herpes: The virus we may not want to hate so much

For decades we have known that microbes cause many diseases known to plague us as humans (did you see what I did there?). It’s easy to identify the microbes that cause disease but it’s harder to identify the microbes that do not harm us or more interestingly the ones that actually benefit our survival. Now some resourceful folks […]

The ongoing fight against #Ebola

What we’ve learned from the most recent Ebola outbreak The most recent reports from the CDC estimate over 10,000 deaths as a result of the current Ebola outbreak. That number of deaths is more than 6 times the deaths from all previous ebolavirus outbreaks combined since its discovery in 1976. At a recent Harvard Medical School seminar a doctor from Sierra Leone shared […]

Episode 5: The (Nano) Arms Race

Herpes! Got your attention? Good. Welcome to Episode 5: The (Nano) Arms Race. Nicole Broekema, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, joins us to talk about her work on viruses. We’ve got jokes, Ender’s Game references, and philosophy all mingled in with some kick ass science. Click play. You won’t regret it.  

Episode 4: The (Medical) Giving Tree

Molly Lindquist

  Once there was a tree… and she loved a boy, very, very much — even more than she loved herself.” — Shel Silverstein Today’s podcast features Molly Lindquist, a mom, breast cancer survivor, and founder of Consano, a non-profit crowdfunding platform for medical research. Listen as she shares her inspiring story. Then go to https://www.consano.org/ and donate to a research […]