Lindsay’s Year in Books

Now that you’ve had a peek into Mumu’s bookshelf, it’s time for me to share a bit about what I’ve been reading. (And yes, I had to scroll through Goodreads to actually remember what I read in 2016). We can all agree that 2016 was a pretty miserable year, but these books kept me going. […]

Mumu’s Year in Books

It’s nearly winter break (after I get through this a stack of ungraded exams)! For me, this means marathon reading sessions curled up with a blanket, coffee, and kindle. In the spirit of the season, I share with you all a glimpse into my 2016 bookshelf. Favorite Book of the Year: My Brilliant Friend by […]

A peek into Mumu’s bookshelf

In my ongoing quest to convince others that engineers are people too, I thought I’d share a few books from my queue. Work is always full of robots and computers, so my reading list usually skews away from “technical” topics. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with plenty of science-y goodness. But today, let’s take a dive into my […]