Women in STEM representation on late night television (or lack thereof)

If I gave you 30 seconds to name five famous (living) scientists, who would be on the list? Most likely, there’d be Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Who else? Stephen Hawking? Brian Greene? This isn’t a new problem. We started this podcast because of the lack of female STEM representation in the media. However, data nerd […]

The confidence factor

Here’s something that might surprise you: One of biggest hurdles we face getting guests on our podcast is not stage fright or scheduling conflicts but confidence. We send a lot of emails to friends, friends of friends and women we have some tangential connection to in order to convince them to take an hour out of […]

Divine Secrets of the (Science) Sisterhood: Women STEM pioneers

Today’s Google Doodle honors Emmy Noether, a mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics.   Lindsay and I started this blog/podcast because we wanted to showcase the work of women in STEM (whatever fields that definition may or may not encompass). As we’re interviewing our wonderful and brilliant guests, […]

#NoCeilings: International Women’s Day

My mother once told me that she refused to get a sonogram when she was pregnant with me. This was back in China in the mid-1980s, only a few years after the one-child policy had been implemented. She said that if friends and family knew I was a girl, they might try to convince her to get […]